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End of the month photo roundup – February

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February Photo Roundup

I can’t believe tomorrow is March.  March makes my gardening-gnome-self itch.  I see the daffodils popping up and it makes me dream of a prettier flower. (I hate daffodils for numerous reasons, but I am also not a believer of killing them just for personal preference – so grow they do.)  The slightly warmer air makes me want to go out and run (which I’ve yet to do – it’s still too cold for this chicken), and I just want to get outside for once without freezing.

Daffodils poking up - I'm waiting for my Lily of the Valley

This box is all gone, alas. Delicious chocolate and we made it last weeks.

Eddy eyeing the cup of tea.

I’m still using my snowmen mugs because it’s still cold outside and they make me happy.  Eddy was having a romp around the carpet and decided to tip the tea cup to see what would happen – nothing.  He decided that the carpet in the back didn’t have a big enough hole in it and went to it (he was picked up immediately and placed back on his cage).

Spring Cleaning

We had a day or two where the weather grew very warm.  I just couldn’t resist and grabbed our buckets and soap and cleaned the car to within an inch of its adorable doors.  The car gleamed outside and in and left me feeling very proud.  I also tackled the windows and various other “Spring Cleaning” items even though it was weeks, if not a month away from the official date.  Who cares!  Any bit of spring I’ll gladly take.

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