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Eat. Live. Be. for a Better 2011 – Challenge 9

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To see my post explaining ELB 2011, my goals, and other participants, go here.

My Update: I can’t believe that it’s the ninth week since I started all of this.  Time really has gone by quickly and with it some of my weight.  When I went to that job interview the other day I noticed that my pants didn’t quite fit.  That’s good news since it means that I’m shifting weight out, but it’s also bad news since I’ll soon have to find a whole new set of “perfect” pants all over again.

Still, I cinched it at the waist with a belt and wore the whole suit with confidence.

Given the 9 week mark, I wanted to revisit my original goals and see how I was doing:

  1. Eat less dessert than my husband. For the most part, I’m being fairly consistent here.  There are moments where our portions are the same (like those cookies we snacked on this weekend), but I try to limit any of the more decadent intakes (like chocolate, etc).
  2. Buy grass-fed beef for my husband. Check!
  3. Exercise every day. Check!
  4. Continue eating more greens. Check!
  5. Cut down on high fructose corn syrup. I haven’t been as diligent with this, but then again, I haven’t actually bought very much outside of what I know.  Will have to keep remembering to check, though.
  6. Fall back in love with my body. Ah – well, this one is tough. I have begun to really like the look of my ankles, which is good.  I’ve always been overly negative about certain parts of me and to finally look at bits and say “yeah! those look good” is a huge step.  Now I just need to move onto other bits, but one step at a time.

Challenge Week 9 – Portion sizes

When we went to Maggiano’s for our belated Valentine’s Day meal, I was over the top with love for the restaurant due to the large portions and the take-home option.  Yes, you read correctly: over the top with LOVE!  For two reasons:

  1. I’m a bit of cheapskate so if I have to spend 40 dollars for two, then I want something to show for it.  I really like the large portions you receive because it gives you the chance to take half of it home (which we both did).
  2. I get more food for later. 🙂 Which for us translates into less meals eaten out.

Sarah at A Spoonful of Sugar provided a great list for how to control portion sizes.

I won’t provide you with such a list since you can view it on her blog and because I don’t eat that way.

I am a self-confessed label addict and as such, I look at the label for their portion size breakdown.  This means I scan the size then the corresponding fat and salt (etc) content and determine how it measures up to what else I’m eating.  Typically I follow their portion sizes and other times I scale it down (sometimes cutting it in half).  If the food is completely and wholly homemade, I make sure I don’t fill the plate to the edge and I scale down the portions a fraction from what I would “like” to eat so that I’m not satisfying my eyes.  (The eyes can be so deceptive.)

Where I have trouble is with baked desserts.  I love me a piece of cake, or an eclair, or pie.  These are the portions that tend to end up on the large side of the scale since I tell myself “it’s only this once!” or “it’s for a birthday so it’s special!”  I love dessert and that’s one reason that I’ve scaled back on my baking.  A year ago, I’d be baking dessert quite frequently – cinnamon rolls here, cookies there, brownies over here.  Now, I try to limit my baking to “occasions” – holidays, birthdays or events.  If I can keep myself from producing delicious temptations on a regular basis, then I can limit my intake.  (And I’ll imagine that I’ve developed iron resolve in the meantime . . . until it shatters under the weight of the blueberry muffin.)

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