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Eat. Live. Be. for a Better 2011 – Challenge 8

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To see my post explaining ELB 2011, my goals, and other participants, go here.

My Update:

My goal of exercising every day is still in tact, and I’ve also been very good about my meals.  We ate out at our favorite Italian restaurant yesterday, Maggiano’s, (as a belated Valentine’s day meal) and I ate half of my Eggplant Parmesan (and took it home as well as the ravioli for later, which I split into 3 meal portions), and we split a slice of Chocolate Zuccotto Cake.  The chocolate cake was pushing it, but we couldn’t resist.  Total resistance only makes you look like a starving puppy as the other person indulges and I hate that look at table.  Small bites and sharing is the way to go if you can’t resist.

We also bought our first Grass-fed Beef products!  I tried 3 different groceries in my area until finally going to my local Whole Foods.   It was wonderful to see the grass-fed beef options so proudly displayed.  We picked up 2 pounds of ground beef for 5.69 a pd and a steak for 10.99 a pd.  This gave us about 8 quarter pounders and 2 steaks (we split the one we bought into half) – quite a bit of beef that will last hubby quite a while.  They also have roasts that I think we’ll try out later.  Hubby had his first grass-fed burger on Saturday and he loved it.  Tasted great, apparently, and we both felt good about the fact that at least the cow was eating its naturally intended meal.

To find out more about grass-fed vs grain fed beef, check out these sites:

What about Grass-fed Beef? by John Robbins

Health Benefits of Grass-fed Products at EatWild

I’ve also started to keep an exercise calendar.

I was beginning to forget what routines I had done during the week and this was making my exercise pattern feel “off” – I worried that I wasn’t doing enough upper body work and too much lower body work.  So, I dug out this freebie from Hallmark and started jotting down my daily routines and the length (apologies for the bad scan).  I’m hoping that this will give me a perspective about the type of work I’m doing and allow me to plan out my routines day-by-day.

Challenge Week 8 – Healthy Snacking

This week for ELB, we’re talking about the healthy snacks we go to for those in-between times.  Rather than reaching for the chips, donuts or baked goods (all of my weaknesses), I have a few snacks stashed around the house and in my purse for “emergency munchies”.

  • In the car and in my purse: SoyJoy bars.  I only grab these when I’m really feeling queasy or hungry and we’re hours from a meal.  I mention this because while these bars are high in protein, they are also high in fat (I believe around 6 g? eep).  I’m looking for a new energy bar that packs protein but not the fat.
  • At home: It depends on the level of hunger and the time of day:
  1. If I’m really munchy for some reason during the day, then I’ll either grab 3-4 Wheat Thins with a thin spread of Natural Jif
  2. If I’m sort of munchy during the day, then lately I’ve been going for the clementine.
  3. If I’m starving and it’s hours before a meal, then I hit the Chobani.
  4. If it’s near bedtime, then I either have one Weetabix or a very small bowl of cereal (like Quaker Oatmeal Squares).

I find that trying to resist snacking just leads to overindulgence at meal time and a headache.  I like to snack smart so that when I do a mental tally of my eating for the day, I feel really good about the choices I’ve made, and it sets me up for a positive start to the next day.

Now I’m off to make English Muffin Pizzas for lunch!

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