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End of the month photo roundup – January

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January Photo Roundup

Winter this year has been cold, cold, and snowy.

Tomorrow is finally February.  Trust me when I say that I’m on tenterhooks waiting for Groundhog day and whether or not the little guy peeps out or scurries back in.  I’ve had about enough of the cold temps and the more ridiculous precipitation.  Every week it’s one storm after another.  Tomorrow is supposed to be the daddy-of-em-all.  I did my shopping today so I can sit back and watch the ice glaze everything within an inch of its life.  Fun.

Nephew's 3rd Birthday

It was my nephew’s 3rd birthday this month so it was Thomas all the way.  I loved how educational this tablecloth ended up being – he counted the trains, identified them, and labeled the colors and shapes!  The Thomas balloon we got him was also a hit.

Hubby's rendition of Thomas.

Hubby’s Thomas picture, however, was the true Picasso.  My nephew showed his appreciation by using the magnet to black out the picture completely.  “I may not know much about art, but I know what I like.” – Monty Python’s Michelangelo sketch.

Squirrel Drive-in

I received this seed house free from Drs. Foster and Smith last year and I put it out on a hook attached to the window at the beginning of the month.  For weeks it sat ignored.

Except for this very determined squirrel that kept taking leaps at it from any surface (and not succeeding).

Seeing as how the birds didn’t seem keen (our neighbor has so many feeders with every type of bird food imaginable, so it’s no surprise that they’d ignore this humble house), we moved the seed house to the bush.  Now this little guy doesn’t have to go careening into our window to eat it but can just sit there at his leisure and nibble to his heart’s content.

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