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Eat.Live.Be. for a Better 2011 – Challenge 5

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To see my post explaining ELB 2011, my goals, and other participants, go here.

My Update: Still going strong with the exercising (even with a party thrown in, I was able to exercise every day).   I have yet to get bored with my routine since I keep mixing it up – today I did 2 rounds of pilates (one for abs and one for lower body).  My mood has been rather low over the weekend so I’ve been more hungry than usual.  I’ve tried to keep myself on track, though, by reminding myself that the hunger is mood-induced and if I got really crabby about eating, I’ve dug into a couple Wheat thins and peanut butter.

With regard to my goal of eating more greens: I bought a bunch of mustard greens at the grocery today.  This is momentous for me.  For one thing, my mother cooked mustard greens in the most disgusting way possible.  It was only boiled or it was from a can, but for some reason I found it gross and inedible.  She also seemed to serve it with baked fish with a cracker crust (a dish I’ve always found unsubstantial and oily) so my memory is doubly tainted.  Due to the bad associations, I have avoided anything with “greens” at the end of its title for years.  Just last year, I tried Kale for the first time and loved it.  Just a few months ago, I tried turnip greens in my stir fry and I won’t go back.  So, with that type of streak, I thought I’d give mustard greens a go.  Wish me luck.

Challenge Week 5: What is a healthy change that you’ve made?

There are a lot of them, such as: eating out less (our resolution this year is to limit ourselves to two eating outs a month at most), making my own soups and canned foods, buying dried beans, and eating fewer desserts.  We also have cut down on the salt (I hardly add it to the food I’m cooking), eat egg substitute, eat salads, cut down on corn syrup, drink green tea, and exercise.  My husband has even noticed a weight difference even though he doesn’t exercise or drink the tea (he does drink a lot of rooibos tea, though). In all, these little changes to what we eat have had the biggest effect.  My food feels “cleaner” (if you know what I mean) and I feel cleaner and more satisfied.

I wouldn’t recognize myself if I had gone into the future 5 years ago or even 2 years ago and glimpsed this thinner, goal-oriented, food conscious, and stronger person.  (Notice that there are a few adjectives still missing from that list – I’m working on those.)

So, what’s my favorite change out of the above?  I would have to say the healthier food choices.  There’s something satisfying about sitting down to a really great meal and knowing that it’s healthy for you and that it’s balanced.  It’s also comforting to know every single ingredient in the meal (rather than just an idea of what is probably in it).  I’ve had a few ingredient shocks in my life and will probably have more in the future, but when I shop now, I’m more conscious of what I’m buying and that gets reflected in the meals I make.

Next week’s topic: Weigh-in Monday!

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