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Eat. Live. Be. for a Better 2011 – Challenge 3


My Update: Another good week, especially when one considers the fact that there were 2 birthday parties and a homemade triple chocolate cheesecake involved *gulp*.  I was able to do exercises every day except for Saturday (party! party!) and I gave away half of the leftover Oreos from the cake.  You know how I’ve mentioned in other posts that I don’t buy a lot of processed food?  Apparently this has affected my love of Oreos as well. 😦  Which is a good thing, when one considers my weight/health, but it was a shock to find out that I didn’t crave them quite like I used to.  In fact, they’re sitting right on my counter and outside of one cookie or two, I haven’t indulged like I would have done a year ago.  Seriously.  Change how you view food and it helps you to keep on the straight and narrow without too much trouble. 🙂

Now, that cheesecake was another thing…

This was delicious (lets ignore the numbers).

I grabbed the recipe from inscrutables. com and not only was it delicious but ridiculously easy to make.  I did make a couple of “healthy” changes.  For one, I used 1/3 reduced fat cream cheese and fat free condensed milk.  I also didn’t use all of the ganache it called for, even though I did make it all.  Trust me, you couldn’t tell I had done a thing to this heavenly, thick, silky cheesecake.  Bake it and then split it with a crowd.

Challenge Week 3 Prompt: Inspiration in cold weather: how to keep exercising.

This week’s prompt is a no-brainer.  The cold weather might keep me from running, but it only gives me more reasons to exercise at home since it keeps me from doing anything outside.  If it’s warm outside, I risk persuading myself that a nice stroll was a “brisk walk” and shirk off exercising.  If the sun is bright and we go to the park, I might convince myself that a walk around the lake admiring the cranes constituted 30 minutes of cardio.  If it’s cold outside and the only other alternative is sitting on your bottom in front of a screen, there’s no denying the fact that you aren’t doing aerobics.  Mouse clicking does not give your index finger much needed stretching and a workout.

I also persuade myself that during the winter months our bodies put on weight due to the cold (and our lack of exercise).  You know, like bears.  Here’s an interesting article that looks at it from all angles.  If our bodies are trying to put on weight due to whatever reason, then I feel as if it’s our duty to exercise it off.  Rather than hibernate and blitz the weight off in Spring, keep up a steady pace and reap the benefits come summer.

At least, that’s how I’m going to view it this winter. 🙂 Let’s see how it goes.

Okay, just one more look at that cheesecake…

Dont Lick Screen

Next Week’s Prompt: How I tackle my biggest challenges.

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