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Eat. Live. Be. for a Better 2011 – Challenge 2

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To see my post explaining ELB 2011, my goals, and other participants, go here.

My Update: I have no clue whether I’ve lost weight, but I have kept with my goal to exercise every day.  I alternate between intense workouts and pilates.  So far I can feel my tummy forming itself (ouch!) and my control over my motions has improved.  I tried kickboxing this weekend for the first time and felt incredibly clumsy and uncoordinated – I flopped around and stumbled at each kick until I was sweating more from keeping up rather than any “punch-up” I was doing.  I went crimson in shame as my fid eyed me warily at each flop.

That DVD is definitely going back.

Challenge Week 2: Where is your support community? – Where do you turn for support/community in your healthy goals?

I’ve been thinking about how to answer this week’s challenge, and my thoughts led me to other musings about my social connections that I could have done without.

Where is my support community?  I could see how others might answer this: friends, websites, groups (this group, in fact), and family.  I decided that I have 3:

  1. My (poor) husband – We limited ourselves to a few cookies this weekend even though hamburgers, ice cream, and cheesecake sounded like better snack options (and, yes, I do mean snack).  He did really well by resisting them along with me.  I plan to splurge a bit this week (it’s his birthday) and I dangled that like a carrot *ahem*.  However, first I have a Doctor’s appointment to get through.  I don’t know about you, but I always view going to the Doctor’s as a time for great embarrassment.  I love my Doctor, but all she has to do is look at me expectantly and I want to run away and hide. Well, not this time, folks!  If my blood levels are sky high (like they were the last time I went in the Spring), then it’s through no (or at least little) fault of my own.
  2. The ELB/blog goal posts.  Even though my blog is probably only visited by myself, I view the public nature of the challenge and posts as a motivator to stick to it.  I also like to read about what other people are doing.

The most influential support?  This:

(A bit blurry, but you get the gist.)  Yep.  A nutrition label.

If I want to really watch what I eat, I just flip the packet over and voila! Instant distaste.  Truly worth doing every single time.  Of course, if I really did do this every time, then I wouldn’t need to join ELB and remind myself to watch my diet.  As is, I can be wonderfully “forgetful” when I want to be.

However, on most days at the market, you’ll find me flipping packages over and scanning items all the while frowning in concentration and sometimes gasping in horror (40% of my DV of saturated fat?! yuck!).  I’ve found that I spend more time than I used to in the shop, even though I skip nearly half the aisles.  Label watching is something I share with my mother.

We didn’t grow up looking at labels.  In fact, labels weren’t around when I was growing up and sugar wasn’t an evil entity (oh, the days when Cinnamon Toast Crunch graced my breakfast bowl without guilt and shame!).  Over the last 10 or so years, however, we’ve both matured into avid label readers.  Sometimes we’ll even compare labels over the phone as if we are sharing sordid secrets like paparazzi.

The label is my friend and also my enemy.  It keeps me (somewhat) healthy, but it also ruins a good many indulgent snacks by reminding me exactly what it is I’m consuming.

So, all of this thinking about support had me thinking that I rely primarily upon myself.  The mechanisms around me help to remind myself that eating can be a good or bad decision.  My husband can weigh in on those decisions and the blogs and labels help to tally up the ultimate response.  I’m not sure whether this is a good or bad thing.  Considering how my goals are eating modifications and not ultimate ends in themselves (such as dropping sizes or weight), perhaps this is a good thing since it’s ultimately me who will have to make those decisions and live with them.

Topic 3: Inspiration in cold weather: how to keep exercising.

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