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My new blog and me.


I’m the type of person that gets really good ideas and becomes really motivated about them.  After I sit down to actually accomplish said ideas, I quickly run out of steam.  Everything looks daunting and scary and I want to sit back in my comfort zone of observing rather than doing.

This blog is one of those things.

I’ve been wanting to blog for a while.  After following the wonderful exploits of Cate and family on Sweetnicks, marveling at the gorgeous food on 17 and Baking, and being envious of a good friend’s Facebook page (honestly, how sad is it that some people have hilarious and motivating feeds while I can only post about what’s in the oven?), I decided that I was finally going to blog.

Knowing my penchant for “giving up” before I even get started, I set myself a pace: at least two blog entries a week.  I figure even a sad sack like me can at least post two things a week, even if those two things have to do with what’s on my plate and consequently my mind.

I’m also challenging myself to take pics.  They won’t be pretty pics (I’m using a Fujifilm Finepix J38) since I can only take pics suitable for the family Christmas album.  With that in mind, however, I want to expand my picture taking abilities and challenge myself with light, placement, angle, and focus.  In other words, I want to take pictures that aren’t flat, yellow and fuzzy (ha! good luck with that!).

In a lot of ways, this blog is a dreaded New Years Resolution.  Sure, I want to lose weight just like the millions of other folks out there.  In fact, I plan to follow along with the other members of Eat. Live. Be. for a Better 2011.  However, more than that I want to lose the weight in my mind more than my body.  I want to fine-tune the “little gray cells” so that when it’s given a dilemma, it treats it like the cud it really is and chew, contemplate, and ultimately digest (all the way, ahem).

So, on that note: welcome to my blog.

Author: iscribbler

A girl scribbling her way through health, love, food and life.

4 thoughts on “My new blog and me.

  1. Hey, fab introductory post! I am envious now! I can empathise on the giving up before beginning – I feel I too had become that person. I think it was a rut I allowed to build up about me in 2010! Now I am endeavouring to exchange my rut for a nice cosy condo; well, in my mind anyway! I have written stories for a good few years, but wanted an outlet for my opinions, thoughts and interests; also for my general angst about most things! I am still uncertain if I have achieved what I aimed to or tamed my procrastination demon; and yes, I still feel there is some of the rut left, but I take everyday as it comes (and try to smile)!!!!

    Bex 🙂

    • Thank you! And I’m right there with you about taking it as it comes. Sometimes I don’t feel like my blog is where I want it to be, but then I remember why I started it and feel rather accomplished. 🙂 I have a place where I can write and let my creativity, thoughts, and recipes out. It’s a nice, cozy bit of space and while it’s tempting to turn it into something more niche, I like how it’s ramblingness reflects me.

      • No problems!
        Yes, that is it – feeling you have conform to a niche, or trying to fit in with the herd. I do wonder if I am doing enough with my blog; but I can only do what I can and write about what I enjoy. So, I just have to just chill out and ‘go with the flow’, otherwise I’d drive myself mad!
        Bex 🙂

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